ADVANCED Package - Marketing Automation Solutions

Scoring methodology

We will assist you in observing and analyzing your leads activity, concluding which activities get the highest conversion rate and scoring them accordingly, providing you with the best marketing automation solutions tailored to your needs. Together we can build triggered smart campaigns that will track activities and score them.
- Connect scoring level to lifecycle stage.
- Sync leads to your CRM once arriving to a threshold. 
- Score leads for activity and drive them to your sales team.

Lead Life


Each business has its own unique cycle for its leads. We will find the right path that will fit your business goals and create a best-practice customer experience strategy.

- Build lead journey through the marketing funnel.

- Define the main level of lead activities - MCL, MEL, MQL, SQL etc. 


We provide documentation, instructions and presentations to assist in the implementation of marketing automation platforms. Our team works with yours, helping them learn how the systems work, how systems work together and how to create programs, smart campaigns, assets, and other elements. Each platform has its own requirements and we will make sure that all of these are being met.

Marketing Strategy

We assist clients in figuring out what their needs are and how to optimize their marketing automation platform. In order for a company to achieve great ROI, all of its initial planning and strategy-building must take into consideration all of the objectives and properties.
With our vast experience in marketing automation solutions, we are able to create a suitable strategy for you that will align sales and marketing into perfect synch. 

Lead Nurturing

No matter how you got a lead, it is rare that they will seal a deal as soon as you contact them. Your task as a marketer is to make them understand that your company is an authority in its field and that the product on offer is just the right one for them. This is a process that requires much resources and care. We'll assist you in its building.

Define your audience:
· Observe different groups of interests.
· Build lead profiles.

Build Nurture Program

· Match profile to content
· Defined nurture entry and exit points

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