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Ongoing Support

Just as we individually tailor service packages for clients, as SalesForce marketing automation specialists we also provide ongoing support packages that cover the full gamut of client demands while accounting for their respective existing resources. By doing exhaustive due diligence and preliminary research, we help you anticipate the inevitable speed bumps on your road to success. Whether you like one-on-one private discussions, virtual meetings or attentive online counsel, we will supply the support you need – and do so in the manner and mode you prefer.

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You can get all the information and advice from one of our SFDC experts. Get general and specific tips that will suite your account in order to optimize your platform.

SFDC Integrations

Among the many assets of Salesforce (SFDC) is its capacity to integrate with a multitude of marketing platforms and technology. This is certainly the case when it comes to marketing automation. However, in order to optimize that integration process, it is critical to have the assistance of a proven and established SDFC expert the caliber of S.R. Pro Marketing and of our team of highly experienced marketing automation specialists.


The fact that we couple deep Salesforce technical proficiency with a firm command of the complexities and nuances of Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot and many other marketing automation platforms enables us to ensure the smoothest of implementation processes that are on time and on budget.

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