Great news for sales and marketing teams using HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator! A robust integration is launching in April, designed to streamline your workflow and boost sales effectiveness.   

What's In It for You?  

This integration will connect your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system with Sales Navigator, bringing your data to life and automating critical tasks. Seamlessly syncing data between CRM and Sales Navigator ensures better data quality, empowering sales teams to make informed decisions and improve ROI.  

The Ultimate Toolkit for Salespersons  

Data insights + streamlined workflows = Sales success in today's dynamic landscape. The integration of HubSpot and Sales Navigator creates the ultimate toolkit for salespersons.  

  • Uncover hidden opportunities: Intelligent and personalized insights help identify opportunities, automate workflows, and focus prospecting efforts on both new and existing buyers.  
  • Boost sales efficiency: Automate workflows to save time and stay on top of opportunities. Automation of critical workflows reduces wasted time, ensuring a unified seller experience and allowing sales teams to keep on top of opportunities.  
  • Improve data quality: Eliminate outdated information and ensure data accuracy across platforms.  
  • Personalized connections: Send targeted InMails and connect with relevant prospects directly from HubSpot.  
  • Track interactions: Log messages, calls, and other interactions within your CRM effortlessly.  
  • More brilliant insights: Access key signals and hidden connections to unlock meaningful prospect conversations.  

Value in Syncing - Benefits for the Entire Team  

This integration empowers various teams across your organization. The synergy between CRM and Sales Navigator extends beyond individual sales teams to impact the entire business:  

  • Leadership - Leverage ROI reports to optimize Sales Navigator performance and drive better results.  
  • Marketing - Use LinkedIn actions (InMails and connection requests) to trigger timely, targeted marketing campaigns, enhancing customer engagement and driving conversions.  
  • CRM Admins - Maintain a solid and accurate data foundation within HubSpot.  
  • Sales - Access key signals and hidden allies to unlock conversations with key stakeholders at scale.  

Get Ready for the Launch! 

With its promising functionalities, integrating HubSpot and Sales Navigator will help your team unlock a new level of sales efficiency and close more deals faster. The official launch of this integration is set for April 24th! Here's how to prepare:  

  • Existing Customers: Discuss this integration with your account representative and ensure your dashboard is set up to take advantage of it.  

The HubSpot and Sales Navigator integration boasts a user-friendly, out-of-the-box installation designed for scalability. However, to ensure a smooth rollout within your organization, consider these pre-launch steps:  

  • Alert your CRM admin: Get them involved early to understand the integration and its impact on your CRM system.  
  • Navigate internal processes: Identify any necessary reviews (IT, security) required before implementation.  
  • Please spread the word: Inform relevant stakeholders across departments about the upcoming integration and its benefits.   

With these proactive steps, your team will be well-positioned to maximize the potential of this powerful new tool.  

  • New Customers: Sales Navigator and the integration require an Advanced Plus (Adv+) Sales Navigator license. Contact your account rep for details. 

Q&A: Addressing Questions and Key Concerns  

For details on pricing and to discuss your specific needs, reach out to your dedicated LinkedIn account executive. How can we measure the impact of this integration? LinkedIn can provide your customer success team or executive access to ROI reports, helping you track critical metrics and showcase the value the integration brings to your sales efforts.  

Don't miss out! Leverage this Powerful Integration

To deliver value across your entire organization, get ready to experience the best version of Sales Navigator, seamlessly integrated with your HubSpot CRM. Stay tuned for more updates from LinkedIn and HubSpot, including additional resources and information.

Ready to unlock the full potential of the HubSpot and Sales Navigator integration? As CRM and HubSpot experts, we can help you navigate the setup process, optimize your workflows, and ensure your team is empowered to leverage this game-changing tool. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs!