Ronen Wasserman, the founder of Bizman and SR Professional Marketing, had an excellent opportunity to be featured in the Influencers Podcast Interview hosted by Dr. Bill Williams.   

Dr. Bill Williams, Founding Member, Leadership Council member, and Global Brand Ambassador of ONPASSIVE, welcomed Ronen Wasserman for an insightful discussion.   

The two had an inspiring conversation where Ronen shared his journey from being a marketing automation expert to starting his agency focused on transparency, professionalism, and responsiveness.  

Read on for the interview transcript summary and to discover Ronen's insights and the key takeaways for aspiring entrepreneurs.  

Motivation and Success Secrets:  

Ronen began his marketing career in 2002 and worked with multiple agencies before founding SR Professional Marketing, which provides marketing automation services to businesses.

Ronen is motivated by the idea of bringing to the table transparency, professionalism, and responsiveness - his top three success secrets.  

Company Philosophy and Services:  

SR Professional Marketing was previously named Responsive Online Marketing, which reflects how Ronen believes responsiveness is key from the start. Today, SR Pro offers services like campaign management, sales, and marketing alignment, as well as the implementation of marketing automation tools. When asked about AI, Ronen shared how he sees a lot of potential in AI integration, particularly in content writing and prospecting, but believes that AI is still not at a point where it could take over the marketing automation world.   

Meanwhile, Bizman is a tool that combines time management, task management, and password management into a single platform.  

Ideal Clients and Acquisition Channels:  

Are you a company using marketing automation platforms, such as HubSpot or Marketo, but feeling frustrated that you need to see the ROI you expected? SR Pro specializes in helping businesses leverage these platforms to achieve their marketing goals.    

On the other hand, Bizman tackles a different challenge: streamlining workflows. This all-in-one platform combines time, task, and password management, making it ideal for marketing agencies juggling multiple projects. Bizman also empowers companies, such as law firms, to optimize their efficiency by keeping everyone organized and on track.  

Building trust and exceeding client expectations is paramount for both SR Pro and Bizman. Their client acquisition strategy reflects this, strongly emphasizing word-of-mouth recommendations. Satisfied customers are their best advocates, and positive experiences fuel organic growth. Of course, they also leverage digital marketing channels like Google Ads and SEO alongside partnerships like HubSpot, but Ronen believes that referrals remain a cornerstone of their success.  

Investment in Paid Digital Media and Client Experience:  

Ronen recommends investing 5 to 15% of revenue in paid digital media, but it's not just about throwing money at ads. He emphasizes the importance of building an architecture and strategy for user experience and offering incentives that make customers say "yes!". Delivering a 5-star client experience involves bringing reality to the customer's face and understanding their needs.  

Daily Routine and Mentorship:  

Ronen starts his day by focusing on emails and meetings and clearing his plate for the afternoon. This strategic approach frees him up for more profound work in the less interrupted hours, allowing him to maximize his productivity. While he has yet to have a specific living mentor he could think of, Ronen follows industry experts on LinkedIn to tap into a diverse pool of insights and stay ahead of the curve.   

And, if Ronen could give his 20-year-old self a piece of advice, it would be a simple yet powerful mantra: think big, set high targets, and maintain positivity.   

Key Takeaways:    

Ronen provided invaluable insights for entrepreneurs. He emphasizes transparency, professionalism, and responsiveness as crucial values driving success in today's business landscape.   

From optimizing marketing automation platforms at SR Professional Marketing to providing streamlined time management, task management, and password management solutions with Bizman, Ronen's ventures showcase the importance of targeted approaches and exceeding client expectations.   

Aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals can draw inspiration and understand that challenges are inevitable. Still, with Ronen's "solutions-not-limitations" mindset, we can transform them into opportunities for innovation and growth!  

Check out the full podcast interview below: