You know you need marketing automation, but - don´t know where to begin? I've been there. Before becoming a marketing automation specialist, I knew powerful automation platforms could help my company. Still, I needed to figure out how to get the best out of them and explain that to my boss. 

By researching marketing automation agencies, you'll find that many options can fit, but you still need to understand which one is the best for you and learn how to set it up. Here is where I can help you.   

I became a marketing automation specialist after working for many years with platforms that can enrich your marketing process. I know how frustrating it can be to work with spreadsheets and manual workflows that make optimizing your results and reporting extremely hard.  


If you're looking for results that empower your marketing process, a marketing automation platform is the best option for you. The problem here is that you may need more time to learn how to use these platforms and even more to get results. Now you can understand the need for experts like SR PRO, and the importance of relying upon their knowledge to achieve your goals in a short period of time.  

Let me explain why you need a marketing automation platform and how to convince your boss of your fantastic idea:  

Efficiency and Time Savings: Your marketing tool is an investment, not a cost. It will handle repetitive tasks such as email sending and scheduling communication with your prospects and clients. Automation will free time in your marketing team, allowing them to focus on other strategic tasks.  
Personalization at Scale: You can deliver personalized messages and content to your audience, no matter how many contacts you have. SR PRO helped businesses with 1,000 to 600,000 leads to create behavior-triggered actions and targeted messages to resonate individually with each recipient. 
Lead Nurturing: This is my favorite benefit. As a marketer, you should know that not every message fits a lead at every stage of its lifecycle. Automation will allow you to deliver relevant content to your prospect at different stages of the funnel without delay. Let your automated programs do the work for you. Ensure you understand your Ideal Customer Profile; we'll do the rest to set up your desired workflow.  
Lead Scoring: This process, often integrated as a tool within the automation platform, will assign a numeric value to your leads based on their interaction with your content. It will ensure you deliver more valuable leads to the sales team. A solution that will make your boss and your sales team very happy. 
A/B Testing: With this feature, you can test your ideas and support your decisions based on data results. No more guessing; sustain your efforts with testing.   


Now that you know how an automation platform can help you, can you imagine the time you need to learn how to implement all these processes? With our expertise, we can have everything you need set up fast and teach you the basics to keep your. We offer different services that will adjust to your company's needs. Contact us for a free consulting call, and we might also offer you an audit to prepare your speech and convince your boss that your marketing department needs this boost.  

My suggestion to persuade your boss that you need marketing automation is to highlight all the benefits mentioned above and address how they can solve your current concerns.  

  • Make sure you thoroughly understand the decision you're proposing. What are the key details, implications, and potential outcomes? We can provide these details with an audit that shows the status of your workflows and where you can improve them.  


  • Gather relevant data, statistics, case studies, and market research to support your proposal. Having solid evidence to back up your decision can significantly strengthen your argument. 
  • How will marketing automation positively impact your company? It will increase your revenue with data-driven decisions, enhance your sales team satisfaction and improve your marketing efforts with efficiency. The potential return on investment will support your proposal, and the timeframe for achieving these results will be the cherry on the pie.  
  • The timing for presenting your proposal is the key to getting it approved. Refrain from presenting your ideas when your boss is too busy or stressed. Find the time when you can have their undivided attention and can engage in a constructive discussion.  

 Be persuasive with fundamentals. Work smarter, not harder.  


Let your boss know you can handle your ideas and have a team that will guide you and cover the needed work. We can walk you through the implementation process, work together and build your fantastic marketing automation platforms. Get ready to rock with your new marketing strategy and impress your boss!