Marketo’s Email Script Token – Basic Usage

* Note – this is a technical article for Marketo experts, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

This article explains how to change the display of numbers in Marketo. Normally we store numbers in ‘float’-type fields. The problem is that when we try to use them as tokens in an email, the display will be 1000. The following steps will change the display to 1,000:


1. Go to the relevant program (the one you would like to send the email from) and click “My Tokens” tab.

Tokens in Program
Relevant Program

2. Drag and drop the “Email Script” token type to the main folder.

Email Script token
 Drag Email Script

3. Give a name to the token and click edit.

 Name Token

4. Search the field you would like to change in the right tab, and drag it to the main window (usually under the “Person” headline). This is what you will see after dragging:

Email Script Token
 Find the Field

5. Change the line and add the following (with the original field in it): $number.integer($lead.Credit_Ballance__c) and save.

6. Click “save” again.

Email Script Token

7. Use the new token in your email.

Email Script Token
 Use the Token