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How to Convince Your Boss You Need a Marketing Automation Support

You know you need marketing automation, but - don´t know where to begin? I've been there. Before becoming a marketing automation specialist, I knew powerful automation platforms could help my company. Still,I needed to figure out how to get the...

7 Common Marketo Pain Points and Their Solutions

Marketo Engage from Adobe is one of the most popular marketing automation platforms marketers use for managing and automating their marketing campaigns. From lead management and marketing automation to email marketing, event marketing, and more,...

Marketo V.S. Hubspot - Which is the Right Choice For You?

As a CMO or other essential part of a marketing team, you understand that customizing your business website and creating personalized content is more important than ever for engaging and retaining customers. However, no team, however incredible, can...

What is the Difference Between a CRM & Marketing Automation Platform?

Two of the most important tools for any business are a CRM and some marketing automation software. 

Why You Need Marketing Automation

As a business, you need to be careful about what you are spending especially if you are a small business. You need to spend every cent wisely, ensuring that you get the tools that you need within your budget.