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How to Boost Conversion Using Your Marketing Automation Tool

For many digital marketers, the conversion rate is the single most important metric. 

5 ways to improve your Marketing Operations

Processes are the backbone of every function in business. How well your processes work impacts your effectiveness and efficiency.

Does Gated Content Work? How to set it up right | SRPro

You may be bent on collecting information and generating leads to drive sales. But it takes two to tango. 

Can an Agency Improve Your Marketing During the Pandemic?

What started with panic buying has now turned into a routine of restrictions. The initial shock of COVID-19 is over, but the pandemic is here to keep disrupting business as you knew it.

What Is Marketing Operations and Who Needs It?

Do you remember when marketing campaigns were unique one-time projects? Marketers were creative people, and campaigns ran for months or even years. That was in the old days before marketing turned digital. Operations was a term reserved for the...

How to Use Lead Nurturing to Increase Your Lead-to-Close Ratio

According to Marketo, industry-wide statistics reveal that 70 out of 100 leads don’t receive the sales follow-up they should. Let that sink in for a moment.

Jump-Start Your Email Marketing Strategy Utilizing Automation

Let’s talk about your marketing automation platform. How many of its functions do you use? If you are like most B2B companies, you have about three or four main processes with which you implement your email marketing strategy.

How to Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns Now

With Covid-19 casting its shadow over society and economy, it’s more important than ever to get maximum results from your email marketing campaigns. This may be a perfect time to check behind the scenes of your email marketing campaigns and do...

Is Your Email Marketing Automation Tool Right for Your Business?

“We need to reach more prospects with our emails!” Ely, the CMO of the medical device start-up, declared. He had heard about software that sends bulk emails, and I was to find a suitable tool for the business.

Can I do organic SEO for my website on my own?

Many business owners and executives ask themselves (and sometimes us) this question. It is most understandable - in today’s volatile and wobbly economic climate, anyone in business would want to save on outside services as much as possible. But...