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Mix and Match - Which Marketing Platforms are Right for Your Company?

As a startup or a small business looking for the right sales and marketing platform, or even a company looking to change marketing and sales platforms for the advantage of the business, you might not know that you can mix and match software for...

Marketo V.S. Hubspot - Which is the Right Choice For You?

As a CMO or other essential part of a marketing team, you understand that customizing your business website and creating personalized content is more important than ever for engaging and retaining customers. However, no team, however incredible, can...

New Revenue Attribution Tools You Should Know About

With your advertising spend you want as higher ROI as possible.Yet, how do you know which channel and content are giving you that kind of return?

Using the Right Inbound & Outbound Methodologies in this Privacy Era

While digital marketing teams are solely focused on how to get the best information out there, the consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with how to keep their data private.

Paid Marketing - A Guide on How to Make the Best from Your Budget

As a business owner, you know that there are some inflexible budget restrictions to adhere to when it comes to marketing. Paid marketing through digital advertising can be the solution to your marketing woes to gain more potential leads sooner...

Demand generation vs. lead generation: what is suitable for me?

When it comes to marketing, you may be wondering: Should I use demand generation or lead generation? How do you know which one to utilize as you reach out to your intended audience? As with any form of marketing, the decision is based on what you...

New Revenue Attribution Tools You Should Know About

For a business to succeed it needs attention from consumers and clients. Selling your product or services to your audience isn’t just as simple as making them available and hoping people will knock the door down in search of your product.

Closing The Gap Between Your Marketing, Sales and Service Silos

Both marketing and sales play an integral part in your business growth. They attract new customers as well as close sales leads. However, when these two departments see themselves as more important than the other, silos are created.

2022 Rising Costs and New Challenges for Small Businesses

Business owners who have owned and taken care of their small and medium-sized businesses with painstaking care and backbreaking efforts are facing crises that have already surpassed the 2008 recession. What options are available to small business...

Online events and their importance to Inbound Marketing

Having an online event isn’t anything new. Chances are you have been invited to attend one. They are an amazing way to engage your audience and an effective inbound marketing strategy if you get it right