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Case Study - Marketo CID and GA

One of our customers implemented Google Analytics on their website to get lots of information about visitors and leads.

Why Invest in SEO?

It seems like everyone in the digital world wants something from you, business owners. You’ve already shelled out enough money for building and designing a website, for social media maintenance of business pages, spent on online campaigns, and so...

Send Email Program - Case Study

Recently, one of our customers tried to run an A/B test as part of a blast email he was sending out. He ran into multiple issues while trying to keep his old email blast program structure intact, and contacted us for help. The A/B tests he wanted...

How to Improve Your Email Performance?

Many of our customers ask us, “What’s the best time to send out emails?” Before we dive into numbers, let’s first get technical:

Improve your Campaign Tracking with UTM Parameters

Are you running marketing activities?

Bot or Not? – Are you suffering from ‘bot clicks’?

Bot or Not?

Marketo’s Email Script Token – Basic Usage

* Note – this is a technical article for Marketo experts, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Reach and engage top accounts that never reacted to any communication

Learn how a great combination of offline and online campaigns made a difference to two of our customers

Using accumulating fields – Improve your Marketo Data Management

In this article, we would like to discuss a problem we have encountered several times over the past few years. It involves storing information within Marketo fields (or any other marketing automation platform).

How to Make the Best Out of Your Emails?

Don’ts: 1. Never use “dear” or “hello” when addressing someone you don’t know well.